In almost every public restroom in the United States, touchless faucets are installed in the sinks. 

Touchless sinks are being adopted by restaurants, schools, small enterprises, and even some private residences. But why are so many companies and individuals making the switch?


Did you know that your faucet can assist you in preventing the transmission of germs? 

Every day, individuals come into touch with around 60,000 microorganisms, according to Philip Tierno, director of clinical microbiology and immunology at NYU. 

We don’t have a chance of avoiding infections in our daily lives, what with opening doors, using a TV or video game remote, handling money, and turning on or off lights.

One source of pathogens is eliminated from your everyday routine with a touchless faucet.


Most touchless faucets are motion-activated, which means you must be within range of a motion sensor for the sink to identify your presence and begin the flow of water. 

Motion-activated faucets might sometimes leave you waving your hands in front of a sink that doesn’t seem to notice your presence, but despite these embarrassing moments, they help you save money on your water bill. 

Facilities that installed touchless faucets reported water savings of up to 70% when compared to standard faucets, according to a research by California State University, Sacramento.


Touchless or hands-free faucets also have an aesthetic benefit in that they keep cleaner for longer than other appliances in your home because you don’t have to touch them to switch them on or off. 

You won’t have to transmit any more germs or grime from your hands to your faucet, whether you’re cooking in your kitchen or cleaning up after a spill. Plus, there’ll be less cleaning to do in the long run!

Touchless faucets are an excellent method to save money on your water bill while also reducing the amount of filth in your house or office. For more information contact Copperfield plumbing services!

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