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Causes Of Pipe Damage

If you've detected a leaky pipe or another issue, your piping damage may result from:

• Corrosion: All pipe materials are prone to eventual degradation. Corrosive elements like rust progressively wear away the material, leading to water leakage through tiny holes or total pipe collapse. Older pipes are at greater risk compared to today's materials. The corrosion process can be hastened by chemicals, minerals, and an unbalanced water pH.

• High Water Pressure: Increased water pressure may enhance cleaning and showering, but it also puts strain on the pipes' interior. Excessive pressure might result in random leaks or even pipe bursting. If leaks are spotted right after usage, a plumber should be called to examine the pipe/water pressure and adjust the system if needed.

• Compromised Seals: In your plumbing system, rubber seals are key elements. They ensure watertight connections when in good condition. However, a seal that's dry, cracked, crumbled, or degraded in any other way can lead to water leakage and consequent water damage.

• Faulty Connections: Over time, pipes and your home's structure may shift due to factors like erosion, flooding, earthquakes, or foundation issues. Such shifts could lead to the breakage of pipe connections, resulting in a significant household disaster.

• Recurrent Clogs: If your drains are consistently getting blocked, it may appear as a minor inconvenience. Nonetheless, these obstructions add pressure on your plumbing system, and the use of chemical drain cleaners can expedite the damage by corroding the pipes.

Signs You Need Repiping Services

Several indications suggest that it's time to call a plumber, as pipe repair or replacement might be required. Be on the lookout for the following signs:

Reduced water flow from your faucets: Heavy corrosion and blockages can diminish the water flow.

Significant fluctuations in water temperature: Hot water lines often degrade more quickly, and debris is likely to accumulate in anti-scald devices first.

Water discoloration: Rust particles from corroded metal inside the pipes can cause a brownish or reddish tint in your water.

Noise: If you hear squeaks, ticks, groans, or thuds, it indicates that your pipes and fixtures are not functioning correctly or there are abnormal pressure alterations.

Inability to operate multiple fixtures simultaneously: Issues may arise when using several fixtures at once, such as the shower turning extremely hot when the toilet is flushed.

Signs of a slab leak like dampness in your basement could also signal a pipe issue.

Benefits Of Pipe Replacement

Many homeowners might hesitate to inspect and repair their pipes, but knowing the benefits of such an overhaul or simple fix can be persuasive, especially considering the serious problems it can prevent. Repiping your home need not be a stressful or costly affair, but instead, it can yield numerous advantages:

Cost-effectiveness: Trenchless piping involves less digging and labor, and its results are long-lasting, making it a cost-saving option in the long run.

Minimal Intrusion: Advanced technologies like trenchless techniques and cured-in-place pipe can efficiently repair damage and rejuvenate your plumbing system with little disruption.

Quickness: Modern repiping techniques can often be completed within a few hours, particularly when bypassing time-consuming procedures like digging and excavation.

Versatility: A myriad of issues, including corrosion, cracks, and root intrusion, can be tackled through pipe replacement.

Durability: New pipes have an extended lifespan, with those replaced using trenchless methods potentially lasting up to 50 years.

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