Plumbing Leak Detection And Repair

Plumber Repairing Sink

Indicators of a Potential Leak Issue

There are several symptoms that suggest an emergency situation or a possible leak. These are usually indicative of water damage or other serious problems that can be averted. They include:

• Reduced water pressure in faucets and fixtures

• Water marks on walls, floors, and ceilings

• An unusual rise in indoor humidity

• The appearance of mold and mildew

• Sudden increase in water bills/readings (above 12,000 gallons per month)

• Strange noises emanating from water pipes

• Visible rust on pipes

• Unexpected pools of water or dampness on floors

• Unexpected wet patches in your yard

• Unaccounted reductions in swimming pool/spa water levels.

Common Reasons For Leaks

Pipe leaks can arise due to several factors, many of which are unavoidable and require a plumbing expert's intervention.

• Excessive Water Pressure: Pipes are engineered to withstand certain pressure levels. If the pressure is too high, it can stress the pipe walls until they rupture.

• Corrosion: Age-induced rust and other forms of corrosion can discolor or warp pipes. Older, degraded pipes should be replaced with new, more durable materials.

• Seal Deterioration: Seals on pipe connectors can degrade over time, creating leak points and exerting additional pressure on your plumbing system.

• Faulty Pipe Joint: Joints between pipes are often vulnerable areas. A compromised pipe joint can lead to leaks and produce ticking or banging sounds, especially when hot water is running.

• Fractures: Excessive force, movement, or regular wear and tear can cause cracks to develop, which then become outlets for water leakage.

• Temperature Fluctuations: Rapid freezing and thawing cause pipes to expand and contract, potentially leading to cracking.

• Tree Root Invasion: Water leaks often originate outside in underground pipes. Tree roots drawn to water sources can break into and block pipes, causing plumbing issues and forming wet spots or sinkholes in your yard.

Why Choose Copperfield Plumbing For Leak Detection And Repair

As San Marcos' top residential plumbing service for leak repair, you can count on us for a complimentary inspection and for pinpointing leaks right at their source. We provide cost-free estimates and a comprehensive maintenance plan to ensure your home gets the care it needs. Should you have any questions, want to arrange a service, or need to reach our around-the-clock hotline, don't hesitate to give us a call today at 512-667-6776.