You don’t want the smell of a sewer to pervade your home, yet it can happen to even the cleanest home due to plumbing issues. 

If your home has foul scents that make daily life difficult, you’ll want to figure out what’s causing them and fix it.

#1 Problems with the sewer line

Let’s start with a worst-case scenario, but one that is regrettably all too typical in home plumbing systems.

It’s possible that the sewer odors in your home are coming from the sewer pipe itself.

When the sewer line is in good operating order, it transports wastewater from your home’s drains to the municipal sewage line without your knowledge.

However, if the line develops breaches, obstructions, or root infiltration, sewer gas will be forced through the plumbing in the opposite direction.

The odors are a warning that unless the sewer line problem is fixed, sewage backup will occur. You require professional plumbers as soon as possible!

#2 Drain vents that are clogged

Drain vents are pipelines that allow sewer gas to escape through top-of-the-house outlets.

This keeps pressure from building up between the sewer line and the drains. These escape-route pipes will send gas up via the drains if they become clogged.

#3 The Dried P-Trap

Here’s a simple one that you can do yourself. Is it possible to pinpoint the source of the foul odors to a specific drain? Is this a drain that hasn’t been utilized in a few weeks if that’s the case?

Then there’s the fact that the p-trap—the bent part of pipe that acts as a water barrier—has dried out, allowing sewer gas to pass through. 

To reestablish the p-water trap’s barrier, simply run water down the drain for a minute or so.

#4 A filthy garbage disposal

Given how much food waste goes down your garbage disposal on a regular basis, it’s surprising that it doesn’t develop odors more frequently. 

Disposals, on the other hand, are designed to quickly transfer ground-up waste down drain pipes while leaving little residue. 

The residue can accumulate over time, and a faulty disposal might result in a substantial pile of decaying food. 

It’s possible that the disposal has to be cleaned, but for older systems (more than ten years), it’s probably best to replace it.

#5 Bacteria

This is a problem that might arise from the shower drain. 

Bacteria can grow in a substance called “biofilm” that forms within shower drains due to the accumulation of soap, shampoo, and other body-cleaning chemicals. 

It can also affect other drains, and drain cleaning is the most effective way to solve the problem. 

No, chemical drain cleaners are not to be used! They will not be able to resolve the problem. 

Drain cleaning by professionals is required to remove biofilm accumulation.

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