Houston Plumber

Copperfield Plumbing is a Plumbing company located in Houston Texas.  We are full service company with licensed plumbers ready to do the work you need.  We specialize in Tankless Water Heaters, Conventional Water Heaters, Full home piping, and re-piping.  We can handle any type of plumbing issues you may have for your home or office.

Most people only think of Copperfield Plumbing when they need help with a clogged drain or sink in the Copperfield area, but we are actually a full-service plumbing company that can help with pipes, sewer and drain cleaning, sump pumps and all of your plumbing needs all over the west side of Houston Texas. As a business or a homeowner, look no further than Copperfield Plumbing. We offer a full line of services to both residential and commercial customers.

How Can Our Houston Plumbers Help You?

When you call Copperfield in Houston, you know that you are getting plumbers who are well-trained, experienced, and ready to take care of all your needs. We can help you with the following residential services:

– Garbage disposals: replace broken appliance or fix stuck machine
– Dishwashers: repair or install with complete hook-up to water lines
– Floor drains: we can fix the slowest clogged drains
– Faucets: we fix leaky taps or replace worn-out faucets
– Sinks: we clear out blocked sinks
– Sewer lines: Unblock, repair or replace sewer lines, both inside and outside
– Showers and tubs: replace dripping faucets, install new shower heads or taps, and provide drain cleaning
– Toilets: unclog backed-up toilets, stop continually running water and install new water-efficient toilets
– Sump pumps: install or replace sump pumps and conduct regular testing to evaluate working condition
– Water heaters: remove old water heaters and install new units

Call us at 281-861-4183 any time of day or night!