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What Causes Garbage Disposal Clogs?

Despite meticulous maintenance, your garbage disposal might still experience blockages. Frequent culprits include an accumulation of grease, fat, and fibrous residue from vegetable skins, which over time can obstruct the unit. Certain items exert an undue load on the motor and can immediately cause it to jam. However, you can avert severe damage by promptly switching off the garbage disposal when you detect a jam. Hard food substances can strain the system, and it's often wiser to discard them rather than jeopardize the disposal mechanism. An insufficient water flow can also contribute to clogs. Always run the tap while the unit is in operation to prevent waste buildup that could eventually clog the pipes. If your garbage disposal is obstructed, the issue might extend to the drain line or drain trap assembly below, resulting in water backflow into the sink. Ground up waste can also stick to the impeller blades within the disposal casing. In such situations, it's advisable not to attempt to dislodge the blades unless the power supply to the unit is disconnected. Better still, enlist the help of a professional plumber to address the issue.

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Let Copperfield Plumbing Handle Your Garbage Disposal Repair

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