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Emergency Services We Offer

At Copperfield Plumbing Services, we pride ourselves on providing rapid and responsive emergency services across Central Texas. From San Marcos to New Braunfels and Buda to Kyle, our team of expert technicians are poised to reach your doorstep at a moment's notice. We comprehend the disruptions that plumbing emergencies can cause and are committed to offering practical, affordable solutions for issues affecting any part of your home, whether it be your kitchen or bathroom.

Our round-the-clock services encompass:

  • Urgent attention to gas leaks, ensuring your family's safety
  • Effective solutions for drain clogs, from kitchen sinks to bathtubs
  • Rapid response to washing machine hose issues
  • Quick fixes for garbage disposal clogs and breakdowns
  • Expert water heater repair, including servicing of tankless models
  • Efficient resolution of frozen, corroded, or leaky pipes
  • Swift action on sewer backups and leaks
  • Immediate attention to running, leaking, or overflowing toilets
  • Prompt replacement of water filters

From remedying slow drains and burst pipes to replacing faulty water filters, our team of skilled professionals is trained to promptly and proficiently address all your plumbing challenges. Choose Copperfield Plumbing Services, where we prioritize your convenience and comfort.

Why Choose Copperfield Plumbing For Leak Detection And Repair

As San Marcos' top residential plumbing service for emergency repair, you can count on us for a complimentary inspection and for pinpointing problems right at their source. We provide cost-free estimates and a comprehensive maintenance plan to ensure your home gets the care it needs. Should you have any questions, want to arrange a service, or need to reach our around-the-clock hotline, don't hesitate to give us a call today at 512-667-6776.