Some of us don’t give our toilets much thought beyond daily use, but the truth is that your toilet is a powerful machine. 

A toilet’s operations are elegant yet basic, except from conveying waste to wastewater treatment plants and a sophisticated sewage system. 

That is, until it begins to obstruct the lives of homeowners.

Dealing with a plumbing problem is a pain. From damaged valves to complete sewage backups, we’ve seen it all when it comes to toilet issues. 

Similarly, depending on the cause, a sluggish flushing toilet might be trivial or serious. There’s no need to be concerned while Copperfield Plumbing is on the job. 

The most prevalent causes of a slow flushing toilet are listed below.

Jet Holes that are clogged or obstructed

The perforations around the rim of the toilet flush the toilet by propelling water from the tank. 

The force helps sweep everything out in one fell swoop, but if your toilet is clogged with minerals, it won’t flush as quickly. 

Any debris on the rim can be removed with a short scrub.

Tank That Leaks

If you observe pools of water around the rear of your toilet, you may already know there’s a leak in your tank. 

The level of water in your tank is another symptom of a leaking tank. Your toilet will not be able to clean the bowl quickly if the water level is too low. 

If there are any cracks, a new tank will need to be fitted.

Fill Valve Is Broken

In a similar vein, the fill valve on your toilet sets the water level in the tank and then directs enough water into it to fill it to that level. 

A faulty fill valve prevents the tank from filling, resulting in a toilet that flushes slowly. Fill valves should and can be simply replaced. 

Give us a call to get your valve replaced by a professional.

Toilet is clogged

Clogs can form in two places: on the surface, where waste enters the sewer line, and deeper in the main sewage line. A plunger can be used to clear superficial obstructions.

A clog in your sewage system that is deeper can cause several of your toilets to flush more slowly or not at all. 

Backflow of sewage into your home might be caused by sewage obstructions. Cotton balls, tissues, sanitary napkins, and any other garbage and toilet paper should be kept out of your toilet to avoid any harm.

When you have a committed team of professionals ready to handle everything for you, plumbing issues are simple to deal with. 

Our toilet expertise at Copperfield Plumbing Services would astound you. Broken valves, tanks, and blockages are taken care of by us so you don’t have to. If your toilet is flushing too slowly, give us a call right away.

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